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Accroches-toi a ton reves
MOTORCYCLE LUBRICATION: Facts, fiction and folklore

The Big Easy, New Orleans, LA "The Adventure Of A Lifetime!"

Most of our planned adventures for 2020 have been "postponed" due to the
Governmental over-reaction to the corona virus scam and the expected
economic crash that will likely follow.

"May" do these trips in 2021 assuming that I am still above ground and
assuming that the economy recovers sufficiently by then.

Of course all bets are off if the current "temporary" unlawful
"suspension" of our Constitutional rights and freedoms aren't
restored after the November, 2020 elections.

Should more than 1/2 of American voters continue to be clueless
about just how dangerous these blue State commie Democrats are,
and keep these freedom-hating tyrants in power, we are all screwed.

It makes me sad that I am witnessing the death of the American experiment

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Intro It all started in a little 1,000 Watt AM Radio Station in 1963... an early love of Chicago Blues and of old time Rock and Roll. And a natural aptitude for electonics. Joined the science club at Roslindale High School and was encouraged to go for various FCC licenses. By the time it was over, I was an FCC Amateur General (K1KCK) and had FCC Commercial Radiotelephone and Radiotelegraph licenses. My science teacher arranged for an internship at WILD in Roxbury, one of the very few Blues format radio stations on the Planet. At the time, there were very few if any FM stations and the few that were out there were all long hair format... the station manager loved having me there since I was FCC licensed and didn't need to have an Engineer working the controls. I could legally turn all the knobs and elecrocute myself as well as speak into the microphone and spin platters.    Playlist Unfortunately there is no way to order the playlist on Hipster. Plus, finding what I want to play is challenging due to the new copyright bs, like listening to music on the Internet is somehow going to cut into recording company profits... in case these bean counter morons haven't figured it out yet, air play *INCREASES* sales.... still, I was able to find several hours of programming that I hope visitors will enjoy. I'll continue adding and tweaking the playlist until I have it the way I like it... likely a never ending project....    Top of The Hop I'm sure Danny and the Juniors saw a bump in royalty checks when "At the Hop" became my theme song, played at the start of every show. Studios on the top floor (of a two story) Hopkins Center became the home of "The Wild Man Frank, Your Doctor of Love" show.. during the dark days of disco. Mostly a freeform 50's rock format show, there was also plenty of now-classic 70's rock, some of it added to this playlist. The program aired weekdays 10 to Midnight although because I worked in Field Engineering I was often out of town and needed to have a fill-in jock cover my timeslot.

Ell and I had quite a following although I don't know if they tuned in to hear me, the music or to hear The Queen of the Woild bloviate.

My friend Rosco at WCCC in Hartford, Ct copied my format, introducing "Rocky Festoon" as his sidekick. Bah-bah-bah-laap-bahp-bahp.
   Frampton Not that I'm such a Peter Frampton fan but.... when I was at Vermont Public Radio (WVPR) hosting "Saturday Afternoon at the Opera"... long hair music makes my head hurt so I'd que up "Do you feel like we do" and play it at 90 db above pain in VPR's 100% sound-proof console booth. Someone would open the door and be literally blown backwards several feet... with a horrifed look on their face. "That's not going out on the air, is it?" they'd ask. Ummm.. I don't think so, I'd reply. Let me check... nope, phone lines aren't lit up so I guess not :)

WVPR had an extensive rock library so at one point they must have played Rock and Roll music. Folks in a 100 mile radius of Windsor, Vermont had no clue that it was The Wild Man Frank, Your Doctor of Love who was rocking their airwaves with Chopin... this was after I "retired" from doing "The Top Of The Hop" show at WDCR/WFRD.
   Offenbach I lived in Montreal for quite a while in the 1970's. During that time I got to know many of the CHOM Radio crew in town. They introduced me to Gerry Boulet the vocalist for the group Offenbach. Mr. Boulet was an innovator of rock and blues music in the joual language of French Quebec. In this video you can see that his Brother Denis, the drummer, has lost his hair due to chemo and would be dead not long after this concert was filmed. Gerry would follow him in 1990, dying of colon cancer. Let's hear it for socialized medicine....    The Commitments Mickah Wallace, Drums: We can't travel in that shit heap.
Joey: Buddy Holly's last words

Jimmy Rabbitte: God sent him.
Jimmy Rabbitte, Sr.: On a fucking Suzuki?

Memorable dialog from the second best music video of all time... the original Blue Brothers being the first.

The Commitments were originally a fictional cover band that were caline de blues. I've added a video of "Can't stand the rain" by Ann Peebles who originally wrote and recorded it. The Commitments eventually turned into a real touring band with several of the movie musicians being part of the band. Besides a burning desire to see Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials before I die, I'd also like to see the Commitments.
Who would have thunk that the most righteous blues cover band on the Planet would come from Ireland of all places?
   ELO When life's fucking steamroller is on top of you it's hard to stay focused on what's important.... that's why I often played Accroches-toi a ton reves    Delaware George What can you say about Delaware George except that he is one of the last old school Rockers still performing. A lot of his stuff gets way too much airplay IMHO so here's one of my favorite lesser played cuts. The Destroyers are often seen in Biker venues. In this concert he's playing in the UK. Note how he deals with the front row Fucktard wearing a Ramones T-shirt...    Ronnie Van Zant I was on the air on October 20, 1977.. a sad fucking day indeed. This video of Lynyrd Skynyrd was filmed at the Oakland Coliseum Stadium... Ronnie Van Zant and half the band would be dead 100 days later. Freebird, the greatest R&R song ever made.... played at this concert in the long, official version for your listening pleasure. Kids today have no frigging idea what great music is.    Chicage Blues I'm deaf in large measure because I blew out my eardrums playing music at 90 db above pain. In retrospect, it was worth it. It's God's sadistic joke that I can't sing a note or play a note... even though I am a life-long blues lover. And of all the blues genres, I love Chicago Blues the best. You'll find a lot of it here.... including some vintage, classic videos and cuts from the best blues artists on the Planet. Sweet home Chicago... the signature song of the Second City. Before I die I want to see Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials at one of the Chicage dive bars that he frequently plays. Enjoy the video of Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Vaughn, Tracy Chapman, Jeff Beck and Beth Hart....try to ignore Barck Obama in the audience. Followed by Shemekia Copeland in it's 2am... not her best rendition but it's difficult to find excellent videos on youtube that haven't been pulled for copyright issues.

The music below is dedicated to an early mentor
Wildman Steve Gallon
9/10/1925 - 9/1/2004
WPOP Miami
By way of WILD Roxbury, Massachusetts
Rock on my very dear friend
It all started in a litle 1,000 watt AM station....

Hypster apparently is no more so apologies to those who click this page
wanting to listen to some righteous Blues.... major bummer

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